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High reach window cleaning
High reach window cleaning
High reach window cleaning
High reach window cleaning
High reach window cleaning
High reach window cleaning
High reach window cleaning
High reach window cleaning
High reach window cleaning
High reach window cleaning
High reach window cleaning
High reach window cleaning
High reach window cleaning
High reach window cleaning
High reach window cleaning
High reach window cleaning
High reach window cleaning
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Most pure water operators use the resin filtration system which gives a basic clean.  The Reverse Osmosis pure water system that S & G Services operate produces the purest water and thus the purest water delivers the best results.  We operate in the Domestic, Commercial and Industrial sectors and after an initial thorough clean of windows and frames most of our domestic clients, DO NOT NEED MORE THAN A THREE MONTHLY CLEAN.

How Does Pure Water Window Cleaning Work?

The water we have in our taps is filtered to meet national water quality standards. This water is safe to drink but retains a level of mineral content. This mineral content gives water its individual taste and can vary depending on where you live in the United Kingdom.

When tap water is applied to a surface and allowed to dry, it is these minerals that are left behind as they are too heavy to evaporate, these minerals cause spotting and water marking.

If we first remove these minerals from the water and then apply pure (demineralised) water to a surface, the pure water will evaporate completely, leaving no spotting and no water marks.

Pure water is rarely found in nature due to its ability to absorb minerals and contaminates from its surrounding environment. When the water is ultra pure, this absorption rate is significantly increased, easily removing the dust and dirt commonly found on glazing and window frames. The operator will use this pure water, applied using a soft brush to your glazing. The pure water then absorbs the dirt and dust contaminates, the surface is rinsed, again using pure water and allowed to dry naturally to a spot free finish.

Benefits from the pure water system include:

  1. All window frames are cleaned along with the window at no extra cost.
  2. Telescopic poles are used instead of ladders and therefore 1st floor privacy issues are completely removed.
  3. No chemical use, therefore this system is eco-friendly and kinder to your upvc and window seals.
  4. No chemical usage means that no chemical residue can be left behind which is the case when traditional methods are used, chemicals left behind attract dirt thus your windows will become dirty again much quicker, when traditional methods are used.
  5. When pure water is used the cleaning results are second to none and are consistent.
  6. Reduces the risk of damage to your property, no ladders are leaning on gutters, no cleaners are walking across roofs, standing on tiles etc.
  7. Previous inaccessible windows can now be cleaned, for example, those above conservatories.
  8. Reliable and professional service by a company willing to invest in technology.
  9. Able to clean internal windows
  10. Health and Safety compliant.
  11. Free quotes

The following can be cleaned using the pure water system:

  • Windows
  • Conservatories
  • Porches
  • Frames
  • Exterior doors
  • Garage doors
  • Exterior of gutters and soffits
  • Fascias
  • Gable ends
  • Cladding
  • Shop and business signage
  • Internal windows by hand
  • Caravans

The Pure water cleaning process:

Traditional window cleaners do not clean frames so on your first clean your operator will concentrate on your frames, his or her aim will be to remove as much dirt trapped in the seals of your upvc as possible, these frames may be aged and will never have been cleaned. You will notice a significant improvement in the overall look of your windows by the time this is done.

However, it is not unusual for pure water to keep absorbing dirt after the window cleaner has left, if this is the case, you may notice general spotting on the glazing when the water has evaporated. Don't panic this is normal.

If your upvc has seen a number of winters, your seals would have accumulated a sizable amount of trapped dirt and dust. Some spotting may also occur on the second clean but by the third clean your glazing will be perfect and you will also notice that it takes longer for your windows to get dirty.

The advent of pure water window cleaning technology is good news for our clients. Our clients can take advantage of the many benefits that come with this new service, it has been tried and tested on some of the largest commercial contracts in the country including the BT Tower, Big Ben and the Millennium Stadium.
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